The musical history of BROTHER

Every BROTHER album is a bit like a snapshot of where the band was at the time. Each one has a flavor different from the one that came before or after, yet with a common thread running through the whole. We leave it up to you, the listener and lover of the music, to find that thread for yourself and make it your own. That is, after all, what music is all about. 

Here it is, the musical history that is BROTHER…

Last Man Standing (2015)

Let Yourself Feel Good | Divine Right 
Give Me Some Love (Not 1984) | Good As Gold
New World | Will You Come No More?
Oh My God | What's That Sound?


from the dreamtime to the meantime


4 previously unreleased studio tracks have been released from the vaults - including the final studio sessions with brother Hamish, in the States and Australia. 

You'll hear everything you've come to expect from your mongrel brothers - lots of didgeridoos, bagpipes and driving rhythms, along with the classic brother harmonies, singing to you from out of time. Songs very Australian. And a very different, intimate version of 'Crazy'.

slow down | more consideration (trees)
over the mountain | crazy ~acoustic
divine right ~live

Out From Under

In mid-2007 BROTHER became a powerhouse trio. We realized then that a live album was how we first wanted to capture the new BROTHER sound. 

A Thousand Ways | Don't Think About It
One Heart, One Soul |  thetimeisnow
2 Chairs and 1 Tree | You Can Go
an daorch beagh | Take Me Down
little matey
The Unknown (feat. the Crow & Granny McLeod)
stranger (didg jam)

one day

The first BROTHER album recorded in Australia. The band set up a few microphones on the verandah of a farmhouse deep in the Aussie bush land and began playing. Most songs were done in one take, coming to life as BROTHER played them and capturing the feeling of the magical environment in which the lads found themselves. As the tracks pass you by, you will experience one day as it unfolds in the Australian bush.

the darkest hour | chimes | awakening
a thousand ways | this land | the gathering
turn around | day fall away | evening chorus