Hypnotic and uplifting. Celtic mythology comes to life today. ”

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Brother Angus

As a founding member of the Celtic, Tribal band BROTHER, Angus toured the world, recording fifteen albums and a DVD along the way. You may have seen BROTHER on the hit TV series ‘ER’, or heard their music on the classic Baraka soundtrack. An episode of UPN’s ‘The Twilight Zone’ was written around one of their songs. Often cited as a trailblazer of the indie scene, BROTHER was the only independent band to play The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. 

Visiting Scotland with the band every Spring for the last six years on the wildly successful BRONACH tours, Angus discovered his Celtic heritage in a way he'd never imagined. Finding a fascinating connection between his own wanderings and the Celtic myths and histories, Angus has created a captivating show like no other.

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Angus carries you away on the Celtic Tribal Trance.”
One man’s tragedy and triumph in myth and song.”

Drawing inspiration from the myth of Aengus - the Celtic god of love and poetry and the bringer of dreams - Angus unearths the Celtic belief in the power of music to enchant. Through song, he tells the story of the journey from his native Australia, traveling America and the world making music with his brothers. 

Years later, the last brother standing in America, Angus found himself trying to make sense of his life. Visiting Scotland - the land of his ancestors - awoke in him a passion for the story of the Celtic people and his heritage. From the mists of history, through triumphs and tragedies, to the lands of the new world, Angus explores the Celtic journey through his own music, finding remarkable connections and parallels with his own story. 

Hypnotic rhythms emanate from Angus’ loop station, interwoven with guitar and his signature bagpipes. Over it all, Angus' soaring vocals and storytelling transport his audiences to another world.