Video Shoot For "Give Me Some Love (Not 1984)" in New York
February 22, 2013
Footage is "in the can" for the "Give Me Some Love (Not 1984) music video. With former brother Dez Stewart at the helm, filming began at 10pm in the Jefferson Street subway, moved at midnight to a classic barber shop, and ended under a clear sky on the streets of Brooklyn at 3am. By then, the temperature was below zero and Angus' foot long beard of 15 months was no more. Says Angus, "I couldn't feel my new face for those last pick up shots but it felt good to know the beard fulfilled its mission."
Brother Dez will begin editing the footage soon ... 

"Give Me Some Love (Not 1984) Gets Recorded
October 1, 2012
While on the east coast for some shows a couple of weeks ago, Angus and Drew went into AM Studios with our mate Milan to record "Give Me Some Love (not 1984) in a marathon thru-the-night session. Listening, editing and mixing proceeds on the west coast with a release planned before years end. Says Angus, "This song means a lot to me. It's my take on where the world is and where it's heading, using George Orwell's prophetic book "1984" as a reference." Release is planned before years end ...

September 1, 2012

BRONACH is musical collaboration between the tribal celtic powerhouses, BROTHER and Albannach.  Wildly popular when the two bands share a stage at festivals, BRONACH has come together to create the CD, One.  Get your copy now at BROTHER and Albannach performances and now on-line at

BRONACH on Alaska TV
June 29, 2012

KTUU NBC - early morning tv. anchorage's biggest morning show.
angus and drew with albannach's jamesie and colin - keeping it tribal and celtic.

May 15, 2012

BRONACH CD: The fellas spent a day and a half in a Glasgow studio at the end of their Scotland tour, laying down 6 tracks with their mates in Albannach.

There's more recording to do, mixing and CD artwork, but the bones of a very dynamic recording are there. Says Angus: "We've been asked by people who've heard our live jams for a long time now when we'll be recording with Albannach and I'm thrilled to say it has been a very rewarding and exciting experience. I'm amazed at how quickly we got those initial tracks down. The vibe in the studio was electric, the performances raw and prinmal. Looking forward to finishing this CD and letting it loose ..."


february 14, 2012

"from the dreamtime to the meantime" ... a unique collection of songs from your BROTHER.

4 previously unreleased studio tracks have been released from the vaults - including the final studio sessions with brother Hamish, in the States and Australia.

You'll hear everything you've come to expect from your mongrel brothers - lots of didgeridoos, bagpipes and driving rhythms, along with the classic brother harmonies, singing to you from out of time. Songs very Australian. And a very different, intimate version of 'Crazy'.

We've also included a live version of one of Angus' new songs - 'Divine Right' - recorded at the final show of 2011. We just liked the vibe on this one, and it seemed to fit in with the feel of the other songs ...

Says Angus: "it was a quite the trip to pull these tracks up again and hear songs we've never put on a cd - some of the last songs i wrote and recorded with my brother hamish. the first 2 songs on the EP are pieces hamish began. i really enjoyed finishing writing these very aussie sounding, aussie inspired tracks with him and hearing them always brings him to my mind ... even tho we were happy with how they all sounded, none of the studio tracks had ever found a home on a cd before now. it feels like the right time to honour them - the last of the old brother sound - before we move on."

We'll be taking pre-orders for "from the dreamtime to the meantime" any day now.

january 20, 2012

For the first show of 2012 Angus and Drew performed a benefit concert to a full house at the Mamma Llama Eatery and Cafe in picturesque Weaverville, Northern California. 

The venue was on the verge of closing its doors as a live venue when the boys offered to donate the door takings towards the ASCAP license due to be paid.  "Mamma LLama is a wonderful venue", says Angus "and Steve and Donna wonderful people. Very supportive of live music in a town where people will still come out to see and hear something different. In times like these we need strong communities. We're all in this together and if a popular venue can stay open we all benefit. Forcing payment of these licenses when it means the loss of the ability to be a live venue seems counter productive."

After their January 7 performance, Mama Llama announced that they would be able to pay the ASCAP fee and continue to provide quality, live and local music for another year.

january 16, 2012

We just heard that peter veness, respected aussie journalist and a lovely bloke, has moved on to the next big adventure. peter battled a rare form of cancer for the last 3 years after being told he had only months to live. Angus - "i remember his big beaming smile and love of life.," says Angus. "Pete, it was a pleasure and an inspiration knowing you mate ..." 
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january 1, 2012

To celebrate the new year, we've brought back digital downloads of BROTHER CDs.  Over the next few weeks, you'll be able to purchase digital downloads of all BROTHER CDs - even back catalogue titles no longer available.  Keep checking back.

january 1, 2012

Check out the Mongrel Marketplace for hoodies, mens and womens t-shirts, onesies, knit caps, and even digeridoos made by Didgeridrew. 

january 1, 2012

We've changed our website hosting company, so you'll see some changes in  It's a change in progress, so please bear with us. If you've got some ideas on things you'd like to see on BROTHER's website, please let us know.  Email

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